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Vacant Property Management Services

We can Help Manage Your Raleigh Area Rental Property

Vacant Property Management Services are offered to Banks, Mortgage Companies and other companies and/or individuals that own vacant properties. The types of properties managed are:

SFD - Single Family Detached Home

TWN - Townhome / CLU - Cluster Home / PAT - Patio Home

CON - Condominium

DUP - Duplex / TRI - Triplex / 4PX - Fourplex

These services are intended to maintain subject properties in ready for prospective purchaser showing condition. Vacant properties may of may not be listed "For Sale" with a residential real estate broker. Volume services discounts are available.

Vacant Property Management Services

  • Maintain a General Journal for each property
  • Maintain a General Ledger for each property
  • Initial funding for Owner's Reserve Account ($500) paid by the institution
  • Perform a Move-out Inspection to determind damang and general condition
  • Recommend repairs and general maintenance items - Listing Agent to be involved with recommendations 
  • Arrange repairs and ongoing maintenance as authorized
  • Arrange Utilities (on / off / billing) as authorized
  • Arrange ongoing Grounds Maintenance as authorized
  • Arrange General Cleaning at regular intervals as authorized
  • Make HOA Dues / Utility / Mintenance Payments and other recurring payments as authorized
  • Arrange Winterizing & De-Winterizing as authorized
  • Arrange Lock Replacements and/or Rekeying as authorized
  • Arrange Pre Move-in Spruce-up as authorized
  • Perform Vacant Property Walk-Through at Weekly (or agreed upon) Intervals
  • Interface with Listing Agent regularly and as needed  

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