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We can Help Manage Your Raleigh Area Rental Property

We offer a Professional Service with a Personal Touch. We are Family Owned & Locally Operated, USAF Veteran, with over 30 Years of Real Estate Experience in Raleigh, NC (License # C23449).

We manage all 6 types of Single Family Residential rental properties:

Type 1 is Single Family Detached Homes (SFD)
Type 2 is Townhomes (TH)
Type 3 is Condominiums (CON)

Type 4 is Duplexes (DUP)
Type 5 is Triplexes (TRI)
Type 6 is Fourplexes (4PX).

Property Marketing

  • Internet Property Marketing (TMLS, Internet, Property Specific¬†Website)
  • Local Property Marketing (For Rent Yard Sign, Lock Box)
  • Print Media Property Marketing (Newspaper, Magazines & Periodicals - Used ONLY when InterneT & Local Marketing are not producing the desired results and/or for specialty properties, ie. waterfront)
  • Property Showings to prospective tenants
  • Cooperating with area Real Estate Agents for showings

Prospective Tenant Screening

  • Rental Application Screening (Determination of Approved or Denied)
  • Rental Application Fee Collection

Property Leasing & Tenant Intake

  • Property Lease Execution
  • Security Deposit Collection
  • First Month Rent Collection
  • Establish Property General Ledger
  • Manage Cooperating Agent Compensation¬†
  • Move-In Walk-Through Inspection with Photos

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